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When we talk about the essentials of the men's dressing room, clothes are the first items that come to mind. However, some accessories are just as essential. This is particularly true of men's socks. Indeed, except during hot summer days with sandals, they are present in everyday life. That's why, at Eden Park, we have at heart to offer you a wide selection of quality men's socks.

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Why do all Eden Park men's socks have a little bow tie?

When browsing our men's socks section, you will have no trouble noticing that all our models have a small bow on them, mostly pink. But where does this element come from? In reality, it is a dive into the history of the Eden Park brand…

Historically, our brand is linked to the history of rugby. Eden Park was founded in 1987 by former world vice-champion Franck Mesnel and his teammate Eric Blanc. The name Eden Park, for its part, is that of the New Zealand stadium.

The anecdote first takes us back to 1987, on January 11, when Racing faced Bayonne, in the Basque Country. The players decided to enter the field wearing Basque berets. Then, on April 19, they decided to repeat the experiment, choosing another accessory. For the quarter-finals of the Championship in Clermont-Ferrand against Brive, the team of Franck Mesnel, founder of Eden Park, came out of the locker room, dressed in blazers and pink bow ties around their necks. The idea was then to symbolize a festive day, enhanced with a touch of fantasy. For this team, it became a tradition. The famous pink bow tie was also worn during the final in Toulon, although Racing failed to win it. The French public then became more and more numerous to come to see Racing matches also wearing pink bow ties. Better yet: during the World Cup final against the All Blacks, for good luck, Franck Mesnel had with him, in the pocket of his shorts, a pink bow tie. Finally, in May 1990, when his team reached the final of the French Championship, against Agen, Franck Mesnel appeared once again with this accessory. During the pre-match presentations, the team had also planned an additional bow tie to offer to President François Mitterrand. You will have understood, the pink bow tie is part of Eden Park's DNA. It is therefore only natural that it also appears on all of the brand's men's socks!

What are the different lengths of men's socks?

Now that you know everything about the little history of Eden Park, you still need to choose the right height of socks. Indeed, this general term brings together a wide variety of different products. More precisely, there are four main types of men's socks, with different shaft heights:

  • The invisible sock : as its name suggests, the objective is that it cannot be seen! This simply covers the heel, toes and bottom of the foot. On the other hand, this sock displays a wide neckline on the top of the foot, so as not to reveal anything outside the shoe . Particularly suitable for the summer season, these men's socks give the impression that you are wearing barefoot shoes, while preventing the formation of blisters or excess perspiration. Invisible socks are primarily designed to be worn under low-cut shoes;
  • The sock : this men's sock stops just below the ankle. This ideally accessorizes low-top sneakers and is perfect for short outfits, such as cropped pants or shorts;
  • The mid-calf sock : this is the standard men's sock, covering the legs up to half of the shin. Practical to wear and easy to put on, it is a versatile accessory, which suits many outfits, and more specifically with pants;
  • The high sock : it is undoubtedly the most elegant of men's socks. This one has a 50 cm stem, which allows it to stop just below the knee.

The choice of the invisible sock and the sock is obvious. These two types of men's socks are essential when wearing summer outfits, such as shorts. On the other hand, how do you know if you should choose a mid-calf sock or a high sock? In reality, it all depends on the pants you're wearing, the occasion and whether you'll be sitting down...

If you're wearing suit or dress pants that fit snugly at your ankle, remember that they ride up when you sit down. At this point, your socks must absolutely cover the entire visible part of your legs. Indeed, there is nothing less elegant than the appearance of a few calf hairs above the sock, at a wedding during a business meal! To avoid making this faux pas, high socks are a guarantee of elegance. With these, sit with ease and no longer worry about your suit pants riding up. Mid-calf socks, on the other hand, are more casual and better suited to an everyday look, with jeans or chinos.

What color men's socks to choose?

In terms of colors, there is also a wide choice of men's socks. To be sure not to make a mistake, opt for sober colors like black, brown or anthracite gray. Definitely avoid thick, white socks if you're wearing suit pants!

If you dream of eccentricity, nothing stops you from choosing more colorful socks. On the other hand, for a more polished outfit, pay attention to the details. For example, make sure to choose a color of socks reminiscent of a pattern on your shirt , belt or tie.

Finally, if you decide to go for patterned socks, try to pair them with a rather sober outfit. Avoid combining one pattern on your pants and another print on your socks! Contrary to popular belief, men's socks should not be chosen at random. It’s all about subtlety!

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