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Very popular in summer, men's loafers are a must-have shoe in the men's wardrobe. Synonymous with elegance, they have a summer look and can be worn more or less formally. Here are some tips on how to choose them.

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What are the general characteristics of men's moccasins?

Loafers are easily recognizable men's shoes and meet several characteristics. These are low shoes, revealing the ankle. The latter do not have laces and systematically include a slightly raised heel.

In terms of materials, moccasins can be made from classic smooth leather or nubuck, also called suede leather. Each of these textiles has its advantages and disadvantages. What's more, they are not worn with the same type of outfit either. Smooth leather is more refined and shiny. It is more suitable for dressy and classic looks. For example, a men's leather moccasin goes wonderfully with a suit or a chino-jacket combination. Leather also has the advantage of being more resistant. As it ages, this can also give it a certain charm. Nubuck, on the other hand, is more fragile. More sensitive to humidity, it is reserved more for the summer season.

What are the different types of men's moccasins?

When we talk about men's moccasins, it actually refers to a large family of shoes. This general term brings together several different types of moccasins.

The Penny Loafer

The Penny Loafer is one of the oldest moccasins. Having been around for over a century, they are still very trendy and appreciated by many men. As a reminder, these were largely popularized by the preppy movement, typical of the United States of the 1950s. As a reminder, this style consisted of wearing chino pants, combined with a polo shirt or an Oxford shirt, accessorized with a tie university style.

Now, things have changed and Penny Loafer men's moccasins are no longer worn exclusively in a preppy style. These are very versatile men's shoes, which can suit both a dressy and relaxed look.

This rustic sports shoe seduces us with its typical American student spirit. Comfortable and elegant, it is a legendary moccasin.

Pom-pom moccasins

Another type of moccasin for men: the one with a pompom. Recognizable thanks to this little accessory, the pompom moccasin was popularized in the 1930s thanks to the actor Paul Lukas. Indeed, it was once famous for having won an Oscar as well as for its always very refined style. The first pair of pompom moccasins was therefore created especially at his request. The shoe was then marketed on a larger scale, in the 1950s, by the American company Alden Shoe Company. The enthusiasm was immediate. Today, it still continues!

The pom-pom moccasin brings a slight touch of eccentricity and sophistication to an outfit. Less sober than the Penny Loafer model, it preserves all of its comfort.

Horsebit moccasins

Are you looking for formal and very refined moccasins? In this case, horsebit moccasins are made for you! These have a small metal piece on their top. This is also where the name of this shoe comes from. Indeed, this element is inspired by the bits installed in the mouths of horses when they are strapped... As you will have understood, bit moccasins have their origins in the equestrian world. These shoes were invented by Guccio Gucci, who decided to combine the look of London men and his love of horse riding. The first horsebit moccasin appeared in 1953.

The drivers

Finally, drivers are a final variation of men's moccasins, which can be recognized by their small rubber nubs covering their sole. As their name suggests, these shoes were created for car drivers, who were looking for grippy shoes on the pedals of their racing car. This is how the grip appeared under the driver moccasins.

Drivers are today very popular for their summery and falsely relaxed style. What's more, these are models of moccasins for men that are available in many colors. Their slightly retro look continues to attract men!

Which men's moccasins for which occasion?

Now that you know everything about the different models of moccasins, you still need to know how to choose and accessorize them correctly... First of all, let's put an end to a long debate: men's moccasins can indeed be worn with or without socks ! Barefoot, they are particularly pleasant and leave the ankle visible, which is ideal in summer or mid-season. If you decide to wear them with socks in winter, be sure to pair them with long enough pants and only opt for thin city socks...

In any season, men's moccasins have become an ideal alternative to other shoes. In summer, moccasins compete with sneakers, sneakers and sandals. In winter, they are a variation of ankle boots or lace-up dress shoes.

In summer, we advise you to wear soft and light moccasins, preferably in nubuck. These look great with chino pants , or even shorts. Combined with a shirt or light jacket, they create a chic, trendy and falsely casual look. These are ideal for going to the office or for a simple evening with friends.

What's more, men's loafers are also worn for more formal occasions. In leather, and preferably in dark tones, they go wonderfully with a three-piece suit. Color wise, black or navy blue moccasins have the advantage of adapting to different outfits compared to all other colors. Brown or burgundy models, for their part, go best with gray, beige or navy blue suits. Camel suede loafers are perfect for summer looks.

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