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Once reserved for sports and streetwear looks, men's sneakers are now very trendy and are part of men's everyday life, whatever your style and for any occasion. Whether your style is classic or daring, for the office, for vacations or for a night out with friends, sneakers have become a must-have!

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Why wear sneakers for men?

Nowadays, sneakers for men have become widely popular. They are today considered an essential piece of men's wardrobe. What's more, men's sneakers can be worn for all occasions, becoming the greatest alternative to traditional dress shoes . We love wearing them for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • Men's sneakers are particularly comfortable and allow you to walk for many hours without hurting your feet;
  • Very versatile , they can be classy, ​​very original or more relaxed at the same time. They therefore match many looks;
  • Sometimes, they are real collector's items, made in limited series, and allowing you to stand out;
  • These are all-terrain shoes that allow you to indulge in many disciplines.

Which sneaker models to choose?

You will have understood, the term sneakers for men refers, in reality, to a wide variety of different sneakers. Certain sneakers for men have become legendary and are timeless models, very popular with men. These are all-purpose and have the advantage of being suitable for daily use. They are therefore absolutely not reserved for Sunday morning jogging! Conversely , there are real running sneakers, benefiting from certain technical specifications. The latter are less suitable for everyday use. They are intended more for sports practice.

When it comes to eccentricity, there is something for all tastes and desires. Some sneakers for men are very sober and versatile. On the other hand, other models don't hesitate to go all out! With them, exit minimalism and make way for bling bling! You will have understood, when it comes to sneakers for men, there is something for all profiles and all tastes, whatever the seasons and occasions!

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What are the different materials of sneakers for men?

Men's sneakers are made from different materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Leather : it is renowned for its elegance and robustness;
  • Canvas : synonymous with relaxation, it is perfect for a casual look or for the summer season;
  • Cotton : light, breathable and comfortable, it is a natural material that allows the feet to breathe better;
  • Wool : ideal in winter, it helps keep your feet warm;
  • Nylon : it is especially known for being very resistant;
  • Suede : it is more suitable for a winter outfit, elegant and dressy;
  • Velvet : smooth or ribbed, it brings a touch of eccentricity to men's sneakers and is mainly used for a few inserts.

How to find the right color of sneakers?

Likewise, when it comes to colors, the choice is absolutely immense when we talk about sneakers for men. White is arguably the most neutral color and the easiest to match with any outfit. With it, you will have little chance of making a mistake! Likewise, gray and beige are other very versatile colors. Brown and black, on the other hand, are darker shades, which are more suited to a more formal look. Generally speaking, light colors are more suitable in summer, while dark shades are more popular in winter or fall.

What are the little details that make all the difference?

We show real attention to detail. Thus, all our sneakers for men are made from carefully selected textiles and display impeccable finishes. Before you buy sneakers for men, know that a few details should attract your attention:

  • Regular seams are the guarantee of careful and perfectly controlled work;
  • It is always better to choose metal lacing eyelets, which are more resistant;
  • The closure of your men's sneakers should be easy to open and close. She must not come down alone;
  • It is better to prefer a leather shoe interior to avoid excess perspiration;
  • The leather must have a regular grain, without nerves or scars;
  • Stitched soles are more durable than glued soles.

What are the good combinations with your sneakers for men?

But then, given all this diversity, how can we make the right choice? Like any other item of clothing, men's sneakers are worn according to your body type and your look. For example, if you are short and stocky, it is best to avoid high-top men's sneakers. The latter are rather reserved for slender silhouettes. Choosing sneakers for men is often much less risky. In fact, these shoes go together very easily and are suitable for all sizes.

Low-top sneakers go very well with jeans, chinos or even summer shorts. Conversely , high-top sneakers are mainly used to tuck your jeans into the shoe at ankle level. The effect is much more daring and impactful! Generally, high or high-top men's sneakers are more streetwear while low models are more classic.

Here are some tips to avoid making any missteps when wearing men's sneakers:

  • With a suit or a formal outfit, absolutely avoid high-top sneakers, prefer white sneakers for an elegant and refined look;
  • Men's sneakers that are too bulky or imposing do not go well with pants that are too slim;
  • If you opt for very eccentric men's sneakers, go for a less flashy look for the rest of your outfit. This helps balance the whole thing.
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