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The sweater is undoubtedly the essential piece of men's winter outfits . It allows you to wear a trendy style, while being very easy to match with other pieces. Sometimes sober, sometimes whimsical, it comes in an infinite number of models and easily adapts to all body types.

Brief history of the sweater

The term sweater is relatively recent: indeed, it was long called "knitting" or "sweater". This term has its origins in the English expression "pull over", which literally means "to pull over". It refers to the way he puts on.
This piece is actually very old, as it was already worn in ancient Egyptian times. Nevertheless, the sweater as we know it today appeared in 18th century Brittany. It was worn by Breton sailors who traded garlic and onions at the time, and who wore an easily recognizable knitwear. These traders were nicknamed "garlic merchants", and the contraction of these two terms finally resulted in the word "sweater".
The primary function of the sweater was to protect the body from the cold, by insulating it sufficiently thanks to its wool composition. Still retaining this characteristic, it has now become a very fashionable item of clothing.

An infinity of looks

A true chameleon piece, the sweater adapts to all clothing styles, from the most athletic to the most elegant. Are you lacking inspiration for your outfit? Here are some suggestions.

For a sober and trendy style

If you are looking for an outfit that is both classic and elegant, or if you don't dare to risk too complex assortments, you can fall for a plain model! A model in gray knit , matched with light jeans and white sneakers, for example, will be the most beautiful effect. You can also opt for a navy blue sweater , trucker collar , and wear it with elegant beige chinos .
To bring a touch of eccentricity to your outfit, do not hesitate to choose more colorful shades. For example, a red or pink model will go perfectly with navy blue jeans or white chinos.

For a casual style

Between the traditional sweater and the cardigan , the slim-fit is perfect for sporting a style that is both sportswear and trendy, especially during mid-season.

Worn over raw-coloured jeans and with a pair of light sneakers, a slim fit khaki model will guarantee you a look that is both comfortable and trendy.

For a smart style

For even more elegance, go for a cashmere model without hesitation. This luxurious material offers unparalleled comfort, and is ideal for creating sophisticated looks.

For example, you can opt for a blue or black cashmere sweater , pair it with elegant white jeans (which you will have previously rolled up at the ankles), and complete your outfit with a nice pair of moccasins.

For an original style

The sweater is a perfect piece of clothing to let your creativity express itself. Indeed, it is now available to infinity: with fanciful patterns, logos, flashy colors...

To go to the office, you can for example opt for a color-block style zip-neck sweater , and match it with a light color and dark leather ankle boots. For a day in the countryside, wear it with light shorts and a pair of sneakers.

Striped knit sweaters can also be a great option for a smart and quirky look: they indeed open the way to a wide choice of assortments. For example, a white sailor-patterned piece will go perfectly with brick-colored jeans!

Be careful, however, not to make a mistake in taste. If you choose a model with fanciful patterns, you must take care to maintain a certain sobriety in the rest of your outfit. Basic jeans and plain shoes, for example, will do the job perfectly.

Choose your clothes according to your morphology

For men with a rather tall and thin silhouette, it is advisable to adopt a model with a straight cut and close enough to the body. Ideally, it should be a little looser at the level of the belly and the hips: this makes it possible to bring an impression of volume on the upper body.

If, on the contrary, you are small in size, opt for a model with a fitted cut, and make sure that it is the right length. Contrary to popular belief, adopting a model that is too big will in no way widen your silhouette, and will even tend to make you smaller.

If you are of square morphology

For more athletic morphologies, it is recommended to adopt a model with a fitted cut, which will enhance the silhouette.

For an optimal result, favor a crew neck model , preferably in a dark shade. You can also choose a pastel shade, provided it is relatively sober (gray blue, pale khaki, etc.)

If you are of corpulent morphology

If you have a certain tendency to be overweight, know that the sweater can become a real must-have in your wardrobe! Like the shirt , it is ideal for structuring the silhouette, as it elegantly harmonizes the bust.

For a result of the most beautiful effect, opt for a model that will standardize your build, with in particular clear shoulders and a very rigid collar. Do not hesitate to orient yourself towards a model with a fitted cut, ideal for slimming your waist and shaping your shoulders. In terms of colors, favor dark shades, because they have a slimming effect: burgundy red, black, royal blue, purple... You're spoiled for choice!

A few maintenance tips

To keep your garment as long as possible, you must ensure that you follow a few maintenance rules, which vary according to its composition.

For a woolen model, prefer washing by hand, and on the back of the garment. Let it air dry by laying it flat. For ironing, be sure to use a soft iron. Do not twist your garment to make it dry faster, because you will inevitably damage its fiber.

If you have opted for a cashmere model, you can wash it in cold water, by hand or in the washing machine (taking care to select a special wool programme). Banish the use of the dryer and fabric softeners, and dry your garment flat. For ironing, it is essential to use a very soft iron, so as not to damage the garment.

Choose quality with Eden Park

Adopt a casual look in winter! Eden Park offers a wide choice of wool , cotton , cashmere or V-neck sweaters . Each piece is discreetly adorned with the famous pink bow tie logo. All our models guarantee you a trendy look, even during the coldest days of the year.

You can now find all of our collections in the point of sale closest to you. You can also order your clothes directly on our website. Delivery is free for all orders over €80.

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