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Eden Park men's pants, a correct cut and noble materials for pants that will delight the most demanding. Eden Park revisits the classics with elegance and offers you a wardrobe of essentials.
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Men's pants from every angle

A centerpiece of men's wardrobe for centuries, they were even reserved for men until the 1960s. Today, pants still constitute the essential element of men's outfits, whatever the style or level of comfort desired. From cutting to maintenance, discover all the secrets of this fashion essential.

Overview of essentials

Skinny, slim, carrot or straight, there are several different cuts of pants, divided into six large families, as follows :


Popularized in the 1950s, jeans are an iconic model of pants that are available almost endlessly thanks to a wide choice of cuts, colors, washes and finishes. Made from durable denim fabric, these are casual and trendy pants, the basis of a very wide variety of looks. Slim Fit Jeans will suit tall, slim men or those looking for a modern rock-inspired look. In this case, we will add a pair of ankle boots and leather shoes. Straight Jeans (or Straight Cut Jeans): more classic, but also more comfortable, these jeans will dress almost all body types. It’s a basic that you should always have in your wardrobe.


Today, chinos have managed to find a place of choice in the men's wardrobe. It has become a real basic that comes in many colors, cuts and sometimes patterns. A must-have for preppy style, chinos are more chic than jeans or men's linen pants, while offering perfect comfort. These cotton canvas pants (most often gabardine or twill) are the perfect men's pants to wear every day. Often more comfortable than jeans and more sophisticated, it will go with all styles. Casual if worn with a T-shirt (plain or printed) or more sophisticated when worn with a shirt or polo shirt, this model serves as dressy or casual men's pants depending on the clothing items and accessories with which you combine them. Summer pants for men par excellence, they have their place in your wardrobe.

The strength of Chino lies in its variety of colors :

The Navy Chino

This sober shade will go perfectly with a light patterned shirt or a gray polo shirt. It will not go well with a top in too bright a color or a black shirt. Obviously, as with any dark clothing, light socks are prohibited.

Gray Chinos

Elegant and easy to match chino model, it will be perfect for everyday life. You can easily match it with a pair of sneakers and a light-colored shirt, a polka dot shirt or even a checked shirt. However, avoid wearing it with derbies or black brogues.

Burgundy chinos

A priori more difficult to match, men's burgundy pants remain a must-have in Chino version. Wear with a plain white or black shirt, to avoid any lack of taste.

If you are tall and thin, choose a Slim Fit Chino. These men's slim pants highlight your figure even better. If, on the other hand, you have a more H or V shape, choose a straight cut chino. As for accessories, you can easily match your chinos with a braided belt. These belts, available in several colors, can match most of your men's Chinos.

Pleated pants

Enlivened by pleats on the front, sewn or marked with a hot iron, pleated pants are a more elegant model than chinos, which are very often found in the suit pants category. It is worn with a shirt and dress shoes.

Suit pants

Suit pants, which were once confused with pleated pants, have evolved significantly during the modern era. Always made of wool, most often plain or with fine tennis stripes, it now has a more fitted slim cut and an ironed crease on the front of the leg. A nice shirt, the matching jacket and fine dress shoes, such as derbies and brogues, will complete a perfectly elegant outfit. Please note: To match suit pants with a suit jacket, the materials must be the same. For example, navy suit pants will not necessarily go with a navy jacket if the two are not from the same set. We will also avoid matching brown men's pants with a black jacket (or vice versa). However, it is possible to coordinate suit pants with a blazer or jacket. You will simply have to respect the classic criteria for color association.

Cargo pants

Featuring a looser cut than men's chinos and often featuring several bellows pockets, the cargo model is a very casual model, originally worn by American workers and soldiers at the end of the 19th century. Cargo pants are now reserved for leisure.

Joggers and sweatpants

Made from fleece or pique cotton, jogging pants are different from sweatpants, most of which are made from nylon or taffeta. If the second is confined to the practice of physical activity, the first can be worn as a casual outfit at home or in town, in its “tapered” version, with a fitted cut on the calves and wider at the level of the thighs. These black men's pants in their classic version are available in several colors, to suit your desires.

Wear men's beige pants or men's white pants

Beige and white are light colors, often reserved for warm seasons. In the fall and winter version, we prefer the garment in its slightly darker shade: light brown. A dark color highlights the silhouette even better, and offers a significant practical advantage: the garment is considerably less dirty.

Do’s & Dont’s: how to choose your pants ?

Finding a cut that suits both your body shape and your style can sometimes be complicated. Here are some tips to help you choose your pants :

1. Size

The cut of the pants should be sufficiently fitted on the thighs, without molding them. The buttocks should be supported, but not compressed. The pants should fit at the waist, or slightly lower for jeans. If the pants don't fit without a belt, then they are too loose. If you notice severe wrinkles at the bottom of the fly, then it is too tight. There should be no excess material in the crotch.

2. Length

The bottom of the pants should cover the top of the shoes and part of the laces. The bottom of the pants must create a single break on the shoe, if there are several, it is too long. Always choose sewn hems over unstitched hems, which inevitably come undone in a short time. To wear your pants rolled up, or shortened Italian style, make a cuff of 4 cm maximum.

3. Finishes

The seams of the pants must be even and close together. The pocket bases should not be too thick. The corner of the pockets must be reinforced with a stopping point, equivalent to a rivet for jeans.

Maintenance guide : how to take care of your pants ?

1. Washing

Washing pants depends on their material: cotton canvas pants will withstand machine cleaning at the temperature indicated on the label. Velvet pants will be machine washable in cold water, while wool pants should be hand washed. Soak them in a basin of lukewarm water with detergent for delicate laundry, rinse them and let them dry flat.

2. Drying

Let your wool and denim pants dry flat to avoid any distortion. Other materials will tolerate drying in the open air on a rack very well. Using the dryer is a habit that should be avoided for any type of material. Indeed, when used repeatedly, it damages the fabric much more quickly than drying in the open air and considerably distorts the cut of your favorite pants.

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