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The male dress code has become much more relaxed in recent years. Nowadays, men prioritize their comfort at home as well as in their everyday life. However, this does not mean that elegance should not be present. If you're looking for a casual chic look, check out our range of men's jogging suits!
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What are the different types of jogging pants for men?

Like jeans or regular pants , men's jogging is a category of clothing that comes in different fabrics and a multitude of styles. Thus, there are several different types of jogging pants, to choose according to your personality, your look and the occasion for which it is intended.

Jogging for athletes

Of course, when we talk about jogging pants for men, the first idea that comes to mind is that of an ideal piece of clothing for doing sports. Indeed, jogging allows you to move freely and greatly promotes ease of movement. However, even for its most common use, jogging for men has recently undergone profound changes. Once wide and roughly cut, it is now more tapered. Rest assured, this takes absolutely nothing away from its unrivaled comfort! Athletes' jogging pants are made from technical fabrics that allow the body to breathe without ever hindering movement.

Jogging for everyday life

Let's face it: many of us also like to put on comfortable jogging pants as soon as we walk out the door, when we get home in the evening! Men's jogging pants are also synonymous with long Netflix afternoons on the sofa! The strong point of this garment: its versatility and comfort. Jogging is just as suitable at home as it is for doing your shopping or going for a short walk in the great outdoors. Thus, many men even say that they now prefer it to jeans!

Dressier jogging

Less common: jogging can also go off the beaten track and lend itself to more formal occasions. Now, men's jogging pants are also available in a tailored version. Little by little, the border between these sports pants and those of the suit is erased, to the point of creating confusion... After all, who has never dreamed of being able to go to a wedding without being totally rigid by their clothes? It's now possible! Some models of jogging pants for men are much more chic and play the trompe-l'oeil card. More concretely, these are tapered and made of premium cotton. They are generally made in sober colors to avoid errors in taste. Finally, they have the advantage of being made from fabrics with few creases.

Can men's jogging suits suit different styles?

You will have understood, with these new shapes, men's jogging pants are now suitable for a wide variety of different looks. So here are some ways to wear it…

Streetwear look jogging pants

Far from being a novelty: jogging lends itself very easily to a streetwear style. It is in this universe that it has gained popularity in recent decades. If you want to wear it this way, then you just have to pair it with another piece of sportswear, a technical piece or other casual elements. For example, men's jogging pants go wonderfully with a denim jacket, a t-shirt , a hoodie or a bomber jacket. As for shoes , to stay in the theme, all you need to do is opt for a pair of classic sneakers .

Jogging for men, more casual and urban

Because it has evolved, jogging is also becoming the new partner of urban men. It therefore blends wonderfully into the casual world, without ever becoming neglected. It is then synonymous with trendy style and relaxation. To do this, it should be combined with other qualitative elements, to reinforce its chic spirit. For example, men's jogging pants can be worn with a cashmere sweater and a pair of more urban sneakers. In winter, some men even dare to combine it with a long wool coat , usually worn over a suit, as well as a hat for a chic streetwear look.

Smart jogging pants for men

If jogging was once used exclusively for walking your dog or going to the gym, things have now changed. This is why jogging is now a part of many everyday looks, especially among fans of the smart casual style. In this case, men's jogging pants can play the casual card alongside a round-neck sweater, a flannel or chambray shirt or a simple plain T-shirt. The blazer , for its part, is an excellent ally for designing a more unstructured style. To complete your look, wear a pair of sneakers.

What are the most popular colors for men's jogging pants?

If men's jogging pants have changed considerably over the years, color-wise, they generally remain quite sober. As such, it is based on the three pillar shades of men's wardrobe, namely black, gray and navy blue. It must be said that these colors are much easier to match than other more daring shades such as yellow, pink or orange!

Black men's jogging pants can be paired with a black sweater or t-shirt, if you want to play the monochrome card. However, it also looks great with a patterned or very colorful t-shirt, which immediately brings a touch of eccentricity and originality to the whole look. The gray jogging pants, for their part, can be worn perfectly with a black quilted bomber jacket or with a simple white hoodie. With these colorful tones, be sure not to make any mistakes!

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