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Slim fit shirts

The slim fit shirt: sharp lines to enhance the silhouette

In the space of a few years, the slim fit shirt has gone from being a trend of the moment to becoming a true cult piece of men's ready-to-wear. Its advantages ? Sharp lines, which underline and extend the silhouette, highlight the build of the shoulders and the curve of the bust by marking the waist. Suitable for the city and the office, in a formal or more casual version, this essential and versatile garment is available at Eden Park in a wide range of models. Floral pattern, Mao collar , white, black, sky blue or pale pink, striped or checked, the hardest part will certainly be choosing just one!

The slim fit cut: various styles for an always flawless look!

As essential as the classic white polo shirt, the navy suit or the beige chinos, this essential piece of clothing is one of those essentials that accompany men in all the events that punctuate their daily lives. Like a second skin, this iconic garment is unquestionably the central piece of your men's wardrobe, and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to assert your personality and your resolutely trendy look. It is therefore fundamental to find the model of clothing perfectly cut for you. A short guide to all the information you need to know to choose your ideal model!

The slim fit shirt cut or the regular fit: what's the difference?

While the difference between a slim or regular polo is relatively subtle, it's much more obvious when it comes to shirts. For starters, a regular fit shirt will have one center back pleat, two if it's a comfort fit. A characteristic that will suit in particular the most square morphologies, by offering them more amplitude of movement. Comfort combined with style, for everyday wear, whatever the occasion. The slim fit cut, for its part, boasts fitted lines at the waist and at the level of the line of the back.

The slim fit shirt cut is particularly well suited to so-called "V" body types, characterized by a narrow waist and wide shoulders, which it subtly emphasizes by hugging the silhouette. It will also suit “H” body shapes (hips and shoulders aligned), which it highlights by emphasizing the waist and structuring the build.
But in order to bet fully on all the advantages of this cut for your garment, it is essential to choose one (or more!) model perfectly adjusted to your measurements. Thus, your shirt should not be too wide or too tight. Likewise, the collar should not gape, but you should be able to fit a finger between your neck and the collar of your shirt. If the shirt pulls at the buttons, shoulders or sleeves when you move, it's too tight! Try several models in several sizes, to find the garment that will best show you and give you the best freedom of movement.

Overview of models to collect

Discover all the secrets of this timeless men's wardrobe. Men's fitted or straight-cut shirt, original or classic men's shirt , men's long-sleeved shirt or men's short-sleeved shirt ... From finishing to maintenance, we show you how to find the model that's right for you. It's a safe bet that your garment will never leave you.

A slim fit black men's shirt: let's rock!

The black slim fit men's shirt is undeniably the essential piece for an attractive and timeless rock'and'roll look. We simply associate it with black or dark gray skinny jeans, a perfecto and a pair of black leather ankle boots. In a more sophisticated register, for a gallant date, wear your garment with a fitted black 7/8 length suit (which shows your ankles) and a pair of black derbies.

The slim fit men's denim shirt: a cult and authentic piece

Like the plaid shirt , the denim version is a must in the male wardrobe. At the same time functional, relaxed and terribly authentic, it draws its incomparable style from its workwear heritage. Versatile and easy to combine, the slim fit men's denim shirt goes perfectly with beige, navy, khaki or black chinos, or jeans of a similar shade to play on a total denim look inspired by typical American style. . Wear with a brown belt and matching boots (and a cowboy hat if you feel like it!).

Are you ready to fall for this must-have in the trendy men's wardrobe? In white, black, sky blue, striped or patterned? Discover our wide choice of models and styles in our stores and corners, or on our e-shop to take advantage of free delivery from 80 euros of purchase!

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