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Men's shirt: Discover our selection

A must have in your wardrobe, the men's shirt is the garment that every man must have in his closet. Elegant and trendy and timeless, the men's shirt has an undeniable charm. On our online store, you will find different styles and colors of shirts: cotton shirts, denim shirts, striped shirts, checkered shirts, white shirts, blue shirts, poplin shirts, etc. The shirts can be differentiated by their collar. There are many variations of collars: the mao, the Italian, the French, the English, the American, the officer, the reversed and the broken. The choice of cut will also be very important, the slim shirt will be worn close to the body and the straight shirt will be less fitted.

How to wear your men's shirt? Which shirt for the office?

For professional life, we will opt for a men's cotton shirt in a solid color . Favor sober shades, for example a blue or gray shirt is a classic business outfit and will go with all of your outfits. The striped shirt will also go very well for this type of outfit. Pair your men's shirt with suit pants or chinos for a more sophisticated but also stricter look. You can also wear this type of shirt with jeans. Be careful in this case the choice of shoes can be important.

What shirt for the holidays and the weekend?

The linen shirt is perfect for summer, light and airy, it is ideal in hot weather. It can be worn seriously or more casually with Bermuda shorts and sandals. For winter, bet on the flannel shirt, often made in a slightly thicker cotton, it will keep you warm.

What shirt to wear for a casual look?

The oxford shirt is a strong ally for men because it will go perfectly with all casual looks. The plaid shirt remains a safe bet. Combined with jeans and a leather jacket, it will give you a very rock look. We can have a more "country" look by combining it with a cardigan. Our current favorite is the pocket shirt. Little known a few years ago, it is increasingly establishing itself as a trendy piece. It can be worn with rolled chinos, sneakers and a fine-knit cardigan for a smart look perfectly suited to mild spring temperatures. Do not curb your desire for shirts and treat yourself to one on our e-shop.

How to find the perfect shirt?

Discover all the secrets of this timeless men's wardrobe: from the cut to the finishes and maintenance, we tell you how to find the shirt made for you.

How do you recognize a well-cut shirt?

The right cut for a shirt is the one that will best suit your body type. Straight cuts, or regular fit , often have a pleat in the middle of the back and will perfectly compliment strong builds. Slim fit cuts, closer to the body, will form a more fitted modern silhouette, ideal for thin men.

When trying on a shirt, always check these four key points:

If the fabric pulls at the buttons or shoulders, the model is too tight. The ideal shirt should have 2 to 3 cm of ease in the torso.

For optimal comfort at the collar, you must be able to fit 3 fingers on the side between your neck and your collar.

The right length for a shirt is one that allows you to lift your arms without the shirt coming out of the pants.

Finally, the ideal sleeve length is 2 cm from the base of the thumb.

How to choose your shirt collar?

Before even talking about its shape, the first thing to check about a shirt collar is its fit. A quality collar must always be rigid and well ironed. Once this criterion has been established, the choice of a shirt collar depends on both the occasions and the tastes of each individual.

The French collar: Classic collar par excellence, this slightly open collar is found on both business and casual shirts.

The Italian collar: The second most common type of collar, less strict than the French collar, the Italian collar has a much wider opening and can be worn with or without a tie for a more casual style.

The American collar: Recognizable thanks to the buttons that fix its points, the American collar is worn without a tie, for a look that is both chic and relaxed.

The mao collar: Also called officer collar in its buttoned version, the mao collar shirt has no flaps. Casual but nevertheless very elegant, the mandarin collar is worn without a tie or bow tie.

How to take good care of your shirt? Three essential washing tips

Washing a cotton poplin or oxford shirt should never be aggressive. Always wash your white shirts at 40°C or less, and at 30°C for black or colored shirts .

To avoid yellow stains due to perspiration on light-colored shirts, soak your shirt before washing in a water bath containing baking soda and white vinegar. You can also rub the stains directly with this same mixture or Marseille soap.

Ironing the shirt, a key step

Ironing is an essential step to obtain a perfect looking shirt. Here are the keys to ironing it properly: always start with the cuffs then the sleeves, before passing the iron to the back of the button tabs and the collar. Finish with the front and back panels, taking care, if necessary, not to flatten the comfort fold. You can then fold it carefully.

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