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The striped polo shirt for men is a must-have in the men's wardrobe, combining elegance and relaxation. Find out how to choose and wear this timeless classic for a trendy look for any occasion.

What are the different models of striped polo shirts for men offered?

Our collection of striped polo shirts is available in three main colors for the stripes: white, blue and beige. These classic and versatile shades suit all styles and occasions, while bringing a touch of freshness and originality to your outfits.

For those who want to make a bold statement, the men's polo shirt with wide stripes is a perfect choice. Its thick bands, in combinations of beige and black, blue and black or beige and white, provide a striking contrast. This dynamic and trendy model will go just as well with jeans as with suit pants, for a look that is both casual and assertive.

With a striped polo shirt for men, you are investing in a timeless and versatile piece, which will accompany you for many years. You will be able to fully enjoy your polo shirt, season after season, without ever getting tired.

All our striped polo shirts are made with the greatest care, from cotton jersey. We pay particular attention to the finishes, an impeccable and durable finish. With a striped polo shirt, you will assert your personality with elegance and character.

How to wear and combine a men's striped polo shirt with style?

The striped polo shirt for men is a versatile piece that lends itself to many combinations. For a casual and trendy look, opt for a striped polo shirt paired with slim jeans or chinos. If you prefer a more casual style, canvas or denim Bermuda shorts will do the job perfectly. Neutral colors like navy blue, beige or white are safe bets for bottoms, but don't hesitate to play on contrasts with colorful pants for a more original look.

For a casual summer look, pair your striped polo shirt with denim or cotton shorts, in neutral tones like white, beige or navy blue. Complete with a pair of white sneakers or leather loafers for a look that is both chic and relaxed.

Depending on the occasion and your style, you can also pair your striped polo shirt with a jacket or blazer. A navy blue or charcoal gray blazer will add a touch of elegance to your outfit, ideal for a night out or a semi-formal event. For a more casual style, a denim jacket or light sports jacket will pair perfectly with your polo shirt.

The striped polo shirt also lends itself to layering. In cool weather, you can wear it under a light, fine-knit sweater, in a solid color that will reveal the stripes on the collar and sleeves. For a more casual style, layer your striped polo shirt with a denim jacket or leather jacket, which will add a touch of character to your outfit.

When choosing your striped polo shirt, remember to harmonize the colors and patterns with the rest of your outfit. Classic stripes like navy and white, or red and white, are easy-to-pair staples. If you opt for more original stripes, such as multi-colored or contrasting stripes, make sure that the rest of your outfit remains sober to avoid errors in taste.

Accessories are also important to perfect your look. A leather belt, an elegant watch or even trendy sunglasses will be the allies of choice. As for shoes, white sneakers, moccasins or espadrilles will be perfect for a casual style, while derby shoes or ankle boots will add a more dressy touch.

The men's striped polo shirt is an essential piece of your wardrobe, which you can wear for an outing with friends, a date or even at work.

How to choose your men's striped polo shirt according to your body type?

The striped polo shirt is a versatile garment that can suit all body types. However, to achieve an optimal look, it is important to choose a model adapted to your figure.

If you are slim, opt for a striped polo shirt with a straight or slightly fitted cut. Avoid loose models that could give you a slovenly look. Thin or medium stripes will be more flattering than wide stripes, which tend to visually widen the silhouette.

For athletic men, a close-fitting striped polo shirt will highlight your build. Choose a fitted cut that hugs your shape without being too tight. Wide or contrasting stripes can advantageously emphasize your muscular physique.

If you have a more imposing body shape, choose striped polo shirts with a straight, loose cut. Avoid models that are too tight as they risk marking the areas you want to camouflage. Thin or tone-on-tone stripes will be more flattering than contrasting patterns.

Our men's striped polo shirts are available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 5XL. Refer to the size guide to select yours based on your chest and waist measurements.

How to care for a striped polo shirt for men?

Above all, it is essential to always refer to the care instructions mentioned on the label of your polo shirt. We recommend that you always wash your striped polo shirt with similarly colored clothing, to avoid any risk of fading. Use a delicate program at low temperature (30°C maximum), which will preserve the fibers and colors of your polo shirt. Opt for a gentle detergent, without bleaching agents, specially designed for colors. Avoid fabric softener, which can alter the texture of the fabric and dull stripes.

The tumble dryer should absolutely be avoided for your striped polo shirt, as the heat and friction could damage the fibers and cause the colors to fade. Prefer to dry in the open air, avoiding any direct exposure to the sun, which could discolor the garment. Hang your polo shirt on a hanger, taking care to shape it well to avoid creases.

It is advisable to always iron your striped polo shirt by turning it inside out, in order to protect the colors and pattern from scratches. For optimal results, choose to use the steam function of your iron. This technique not only helps remove wrinkles more effectively, but also preserves the softness and hydration of the fabric, preventing damage or drying out.

When you are not wearing your striped polo shirt, be sure to store it, folded, in a dry, ventilated place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid hanging it on a hanger, which could distort the collar and shoulders. If you must pack it in a suitcase, place it between two sheets of tissue paper to minimize wrinkles and preserve colors.

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