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The slim fit men's polo shirt, a sport-chic icon

Since its appearance on the French tennis courts in the 1920s, the legendary polo shirt has never lost its luster, and continues to find a privileged place in the wardrobe of elegant people. Over the decades, it has been able to embrace the trends of its time, without ever going out of fashion, sailing alternately between relaxed elegance and a deliciously retro athletic look. Today, the polo shirt features a slim fit more than ever at the heart of men's fashion, and comes in a multitude of shades, enhanced or not with prints and subtle details. A garment that meets all your desires Whether in the countryside or in the city, at the office or for dinner with friends, the slim fit polo shirt is as convenient as it is essential.

A garment that meets all your desires

In the country or in the city, at the office or for dinner with friends, the slim fit polo shirt is as convenient as it is essential.

For a studied casual style

On weekends, when the sun is shining, the white version of this men's wardrobe essential becomes the best ally of a nonchalant and relaxed style, which nevertheless boasts incomparable elegance. Time for a family barbecue or a lunch on the terrace, it is a must. Wear it plain or striped, paired with perfectly cut jeans, rolled-up chinos or Bermuda shorts, with a pair of city sneakers that highlight its urban and elegantly casual character.

A choice piece to embrace the preppy style

In a more formal context, the slim fit polo shirt frees itself from its resolutely sporty DNA to assert a more upscale spirit. On the occasion of a gallant date, a dinner at the restaurant, a round of golf or a garden party dressed, it is the uniform of rigor of the most refined events. In a spirit inspired by the Ivy League style, we associate it with pleated trousers, a leather belt and matching loafers. In a more relaxed register, on vacation on the Côte d'Azur, we opt for a set consisting of this sport-chic shirt, linen pants and leather sandals.

A basic that knows how to be formal

If it stands out for its terribly casual character, this garment among the basics of your wardrobe can also take on a more formal look if the circumstances so require. For a day at the office or a professional meeting, it is preferably worn dark and buttoned up, under a suit in matching shades.

An alternative to the traditional shirt

The slim fit dress shirts polo offers an elegant and dressy look, as if you were wearing a shirt. The advantages of this versatile garment: comfort, and a resolutely modern touch to reinvent fashion codes! Accessorized with a belt or leather shoes, your sporty shirt brings that touch of fashion, in keeping with the times. You wear it every day, to feel good in your clothes without sacrificing style...

How to choose it well?

Carefully chosen according to your desires, your tastes and your morphology, this sport-chic icon will quickly become one of your favorite pieces, which accompany you on a daily basis.


  • The material: if it has sometimes been available in merino wool or cashmere, historically, this garment is made of cotton. In cotton piqué more precisely, a robust and breathable relief weave, which offers both great resistance and optimal comfort. It is therefore the fabric to choose when you choose your favorite model from our wide offer.

  • Finishes and details: due to its heritage linked to the practice of sport, whether tennis, rugby or polo , the garment boasts great solidity and exemplary hold over time. However, it is necessary to pay close attention to detail. The rigidity of its ribbed collar, its ribbed finishes, the thickness of its seams, the reinforcements at the level of the collar and the side slits. So many points that will guarantee your polo shirt, slim fit or not, an optimal lifespan.

  • Colors and patterns: if this is exclusively a question of taste and preferences, it is advisable to have in your wardrobe some of the essential models of sport-chic shirts. A black or navy model, a timeless white model, and one or two color models to vary your outfits according to your desires, and alternately display an athletic or more preppy style.

  • The size: to recognize a slim fit garment perfectly adapted to your morphology, observe the sleeves, which must be approximately halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. They should neither be too wide nor too tight. The seam must be located on the angle of the shoulders, and the length of the polo shirt must not exceed the buckle of your belt.

Focus on a timeless essential

A worthy descendant of the polo shirt of the 20s worn on the tennis courts, the slim fit men's white polo shirt has inherited its emblematic casual elegance. A garment as essential as it is versatile, it finds its place in all wardrobes, generation after generation. It can be worn just as well with jeans as with beige, navy or khaki chinos, beige Bermuda shorts during the summer or linen trousers. A basic to wear on sunny days and throughout the year, under a gray or navy blazer to give your outfit a more sporty chic tone. Discover all our models in our stores, corners and on our e-shop to find the ideal slim fit men's polo shirt.

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