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A real "chameleon" piece, the white t-shirt can be declined endlessly, and adapts to all kinds of styles and contexts.

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The white t-shirt, a timeless piece of clothing

A timeless piece, the white t-shirt for men adapts to all styles, and can be worn in all seasons. With him, no fault of taste possible!
It can be worn under a shirt during the winter, and transformed into an authentic fashion piece when the weather arrives. Practical, casual and elegant, it is particularly aimed at men who wish to combine comfort and style.

The origins of success

A true essential in the male wardrobe, the white short-sleeved t-shirt can be worn all year round. Originally, however, nothing seemed to destine him for such success. Indeed, this garment was originally designed to serve as men's underwear! It was worn at the time under overalls, or under an open shirt.
In 1913, the American army decided to adopt it for the US Navy, which then used it as an undershirt. Its white color is indeed ideal: it allows it to absorb soldiers' perspiration, and makes it very easy to clean. In addition, its round neck and short sleeves make it a very practical garment! From the end of the First World War, he began to seduce the crowds; it is then the turn of Europe to use it during the conflict of 39-45.
Subsequently, it continues to become more popular and gradually becomes a must-have in men's closets. It is now available in many models: from the round neck to the V-neck, it can also reflect your mood of the moment thanks to the presence of various prints.

Wear your white t-shirt well

The white long-sleeved t-shirt is undoubtedly the easiest piece of clothing to match, especially when it comes to a plain model. Totally neutral, this t-shirt goes with all kinds of clothes. However, it is advisable to avoid the trap of outfits that are too bland, for example by associating it with a very light colored stocking. Are you lacking inspiration for your outfits? Here are a few tips.

For a casual style

In general, white lends itself perfectly to casual-inspired looks, as it gives a look that is both relaxed and neat.
For example, a plain white t-shirt , or one with black sleeves, will go perfectly with elegant raw jeans and a pair of light-colored sneakers. Do not hesitate to complete your outfit with a jacket or a denim jacket. If you want to give a more rock side to the whole, opt for a leather jacket instead.
Also note that this piece can be worn under a closed casual shirt. It's a great way to brighten up your outfit.
In summer, opt for a plain model or with a print in a fresh and discreet color . Worn with well-cut shorts and a pair of light canvas espadrilles, it will be perfect for your walks in the countryside or by the sea!

For a sportswear style

For a more athletic look, you can opt for a striped model, which will subtly recall the jerseys worn by football or rugby players. Paired with simple jogging pants and a teddy jacket, a white t-shirt with black or red stripes at the collar will instantly give you a sporty and dynamic look! However, take care to choose jogging pants that are tight at the ankle, to avoid the “pajama” look.

If you're not wearing a jacket and want to accentuate the sporty side of your outfit, wear a t-shirt that's looser than usual.

For an elegant style

This piece of clothing is also conducive to the development of formal outfits: it goes very well with a suit! For an optimal result, it is advisable to choose a rather thick model, whose collar falls correctly at the level of the neck.
Avoid wearing a suit that is too dark in color: this could accentuate the contrast between these two categories of clothing. For a fresh and modern style, banish the traditional black suit. Instead, opt for more modern colors, such as navy blue, burgundy or light gray.

Choose your t-shirt

All t-shirts do not offer the same rendering and are not always of good quality. To be sure to keep your t-shirt in the long term, and adopt an elegant and trendy look, you must pay attention to certain details.

The material

In the vast majority of cases, it is preferable to opt for a t-shirt made of cotton , whether plain or printed. Cotton clothes are indeed more resistant, pleasant to wear, and they limit perspiration.
At Eden Park, we offer a wide choice of models, made using different techniques, in several types of cotton: pique cotton, cotton jersey, slub cotton, pima cotton... You are sure to find the model that will suit you perfectly!

The grammage

Some white clothes are sometimes slightly transparent, which is not ideal for adopting an elegant look. To avoid this inconvenience, you must therefore be careful not to choose a model of t-shirt with a weight that is too light, which generally reflects poor quality of the garment.
It is therefore recommended to move towards a model with a heavier weight, making at least between 145 and 155 grams. Models with a higher quality of material or weaving can approach 160 grams.

The importance of the collar

To give you a neat and elegant look, the collar of your t-shirt must fall perfectly around your neck: it must be flattened and not give the impression of being irregular. The presence of a side edge on the collar is a plus: it is aesthetic, and its elastic mesh facilitates the insertion of the head into the garment. Depending on your preference, you can choose to wear a white crew neck or v-neck tee.

The v-neck

Both basic and elegant, the V-neck has been very trendy for a few years, especially for white t-shirts. It pairs easily with an open checked shirt, and can be worn both in the evening and in more formal settings.
The V-neck is ideal for elongating the silhouette: it is therefore very suitable for people of small stature, or whose neck is poorly developed. The V-neck T-shirt enhances the features of the face and slims the silhouette. This is why it is not recommended for people of large size or of very fine morphology.

The round neck

The round neck is a true classic, which crosses the decades without ever going out of style. With unparalleled comfort, it goes perfectly with all types of outfits, from the most casual to the most refined.
For a casual look, wear your white round-neck t-shirt with raw jeans or colored Bermuda shorts. For a more serious or refined look, you can combine it with chinos.

Discover Eden Park quality

Available in an infinite number of styles, the white T-shirt is an essential basic for any wardrobe! To allow you to find the model that suits you best, Eden Park offers a wide choice of t-shirts, plain or printed. All our models are made of cotton, and guarantee you maximum comfort and elegance throughout the year.

Go to the point of sale closest to you to discover all of our collections. You can also shop directly on our website. Delivery is free from 80 euros of purchase!

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