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The printed t-shirt, the star of men's locker rooms

Authentic and timeless, the t-shirt is certainly one of the most worn garments around the world. Initially synonymous with relaxation and simplicity, the t-shirt can now be worn in other more serious contexts, its variations having evolved considerably over the last decades.

The t-shirt, a universal basic

The t-shirt is a piece originating from the United States. Since its appearance, it has established itself as the essential garment for all male dressing rooms. It lends itself to a wide variety of uses.
Originally, some used it as underwear or pajamas, others for sports, and workers wore it under their overalls. Very easy to wash and comfortable, it was adopted by the American Navy a few years before the start of the First World War...
During the 20th century, the short-sleeved t-shirt for men never stopped adapting to changes in fashion, so much so that today it comes in an infinite number of cuts, materials and colors. . It adapts to all styles, and can be worn by all men, whatever their morphology!

The printed t-shirt, a real fashion accessory

It is indisputable: the t-shirt is now a garment worn by everyone. It even happens that some great fashion designers use it for their collections or their parades.
Very versatile, this piece is particularly easy to match, and its "basic" side makes it possible to create dozens of different looks. Thanks to its prints, the T-shirt is also very conducive to personalization: a well-chosen print can instantly bring a touch of originality or subtlety to your outfit!
In addition, the graphics of your long-sleeved t-shirt allow you to express a certain facet of your personality, in particular through the choice of colors or font style. Some logos, for example, bring a "rock" side to an outfit, while others bring a more romantic or sporty touch.
In our new Eden Park men's collection, you will find many models of printed t-shirts: sailor top, optical effect, logo placed on the back, on the chest... There is necessarily the model made for you!

Our outfit ideas

The printed t-shirt for men comes in a multitude of models, from the simple t-shirt with embroidered patterns to the floral t-shirt. Although timeless, this piece cannot be worn just any old way, and cannot be combined with any other garment. Here are some look suggestions to stay stylish and trendy with your printed t-shirt.

For a casual look

The possibilities of combinations for a casual style are very numerous, and depend on the touch you want to bring to your outfit.
For a sportswear and elegant outfit, you can for example opt for a model inspired by the rugby jersey, or a model with raglan sleeves. Combined with a varsity jacket and a pair of white sneakers, this type of t-shirt will give you an athletic and trendy look!
For an outing with friends, adopt the embroidered cotton T-shirt . Matching light jeans and a small pair of leather Derby shoes, a navy blue model guarantees you a fresh and trendy style, for example! To bring a more "rock" side to the whole, don't hesitate to wear an overshirt over it (provided you keep it open).

Do you want to add a touch of fantasy to your outfit? Be aware that prints playing on optical effects are very trendy today. In particular, you can orient yourself on a men's t-shirt model with a gradient print on the front. Matched with a plain Bermuda bottom, this very graphic piece will give you an original and relaxed look!

For an elegant look

Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly possible to adopt a professional look with a plain or discreetly printed t-shirt . Combined with a suit jacket, black chinos and a pair of ankle boots, it is ideal for displaying an elegant look without appearing too formal.

You can also complete your outfit with an overshirt or with a denim shirt.

For a summer look

Do you want to keep a trendy look for your holidays by the sea? The printed t-shirt is your best ally!
In this context, consider swapping your traditional raw jeans for shorts, which will ideally reach you a little above the knees. Regarding the graphics of your t-shirt, choose a pattern that echoes the summer atmosphere. A t-shirt reminiscent of the timeless striped sailor will, for example, be totally suitable.
You can also choose to wear patterned shorts. In this case, it is advisable to opt for a plain or white printed T-shirt, in order to avoid a "too-much" effect.

Choosing the right t-shirt

To display a trendy and elegant look with a printed t-shirt, it is essential to choose the right model.

Choose your collar

First of all, it should be noted that there are two types of collars: the side edge collar, and the bias collar. The side edge collar is much more common, because it is very easy to put on. However, be sure to choose a good quality model. Check that the collar does not loosen over the washes, in order to keep your t-shirt as long as possible.
Less known, the bias collar is sewn like the rest of the garment. It has a band at the back, which allows the neckline to stay in place. It is therefore a less “casual” model, more suited to formal occasions.
To maintain an elegant look, it is also essential to ensure that your t-shirt falls perfectly when you wear it. Indeed, your t-shirt should be neither too short nor too long. Ideally, it stops slightly above your pelvis, and below your belt.

Choose the right weight

The weight of your round neck t-shirt is also important. Too light a weight (between 120 and 140 grams), for example, should be banned. It indicates that the garment is particularly thin, and therefore not very resistant to washing. Instead, favor a standard weight (between 145 and 155 grams), which corresponds to a fluid and pleasant garment to wear, even during the hottest days.

You can also move towards heavier weights (over 160 grams) if you are looking for a high quality graphic piece. This kind of grammage requires a better quality of manufacture, but offers a much better rendering of the pattern. In addition, the fall of heavy t-shirts is much better, which makes it possible to enhance their graphics to the maximum.

Discover Eden Park quality

Printed t-shirts are therefore perfect for playing with different clothing styles. They are a centerpiece in men's locker rooms.
This is why Eden Park offers you a wide choice of t-shirts with elegant and original designs. Made of cotton, they come in a wide variety of patterns and colors.
To discover all of our collections, go now to the Eden Park point of sale nearest you. You can also make your purchases directly on our website. Delivery is free from 80 !

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