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The polo shirt is the essential piece of men's wardrobe. Timeless, it adapts to all occasions, from the most casual to the most formal. If you are looking for a large size men's polo shirt, discover our selection. Designed in quality materials, our models combine style, comfort and elegance, to accompany you every day.

What are the different types of large size polo shirts for men offered?

The collection of large size polo shirts for men from Eden Park stands out for its richness and diversity, thus meeting all expectations in terms of style, comfort and class.

Vibrant color palette

The range of plus size polo shirts embraces a palette from classic shades like black, gray and blue to more daring colors such as pink, orange, red and yellow. This diversity allows each individual to express their personality, whether through a sober gray polo shirt for a professional look or a bright orange polo shirt for a more casual and energetic look.

Variety of fits and comfort

The question of cut is important when choosing a polo shirt. We understand this well by offering you plus size men's polo shirts with long and short sleeve options, providing a solution for every season and every occasion. Whether you're looking for a short sleeve polo shirt for sunny days or a long sleeve polo shirt for cooler evenings, you'll find the perfect polo shirt.

The details that make the difference

The polo collar is a detail that can completely transform the overall look of the garment. We offer polo shirts with two-button or three-button collars, allowing for additional customization. The two-button collar offers a classic, clean look, ideal for semi-formal occasions, while the three-button collar suggests a more casual and sporty touch, perfect for relaxed moments.

How to combine your plus size men's polo shirt with your wardrobe?

Plus size men's polo shirts, thanks to their variety of colors and patterns, easily adapt to various occasions, from informal business meetings to outings on the town or social events.

For a professional but casual look, opt for a dark-colored polo shirt like navy or charcoal gray, paired with beige chinos or dark-colored jeans. This combination ensures discreet elegance while highlighting the stature. For more formal occasions, a polo shirt under a blazer is a great alternative to the traditional blouse, providing superior comfort without compromising the polished appearance.

For an elegant and modern look, pair your polo shirt with well-cut chinos. Opt for complementary colors, like a navy polo shirt with beige pants, or a burgundy polo shirt with charcoal gray pants. This timeless combination ensures you look neat in all circumstances.

Large-sized men's polo shirts are also suitable for leisure activities. Brightly colored or patterned ones can liven up a casual outfit, ideal for a barbecue with friends or a relaxing day. Combined with linen Bermuda shorts and espadrilles, they promise an elegant and comfortable summer look.

For colder months, opt for a long-sleeved polo shirt. Worn under an open knitted sweater or light jacket, it adds a layer of warmth while maintaining a refined aesthetic. Plus size men's polo shirts, with their perfectly tailored fit, ensure that you don't sacrifice looks for comfort.

To enhance your outfit, add a few well-chosen accessories. A quality leather belt will highlight your waist and add an extra touch of elegance. A watch with a simple dial and a leather or steel bracelet will complement your outfit. Finally, a pair of dress shoes, like derbies or moccasins, will complete your look.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the colors and patterns of your plus size polo shirts. Fine stripes, discreet polka dots or geometric prints can add a touch of originality to your outfit. However, be careful not to overload your look and balance prints with plain pieces.

How to maintain your polo shirts for large size men?

Caring for your plus size men's polo shirts is essential to maintaining their appearance and comfort over time. Polo shirts, with their range of bright colors such as pink, blue, gray, black, orange, red and yellow, as well as their different cuts and collar styles, require special attention when wearing. maintenance to maintain their shine and original shape.


To preserve the rich colors and texture of the fabric, wash your polo shirts in cold or lukewarm water using a delicate cycle. Colored polo shirts, especially those in bright shades like orange or red, should be washed separately or with similar shades to prevent transfer. The use of a mild detergent is recommended to protect the fibers and colors of the fabric.

Drying and ironing

Air drying is preferable for large size polo shirts. Avoid using the dryer which can shrink the fabric and alter the colors. When ironing, make sure the iron is set to low or medium temperature. Always iron the polo shirt inside out to avoid burning or making the fabric shine, especially for black or gray polo shirts.

Additional precautions

Polo shirts with two or three button collars require special care. Button polo shirts before washing to preserve the shape of the collar and prevent button wear. Likewise, long-sleeved polo shirts will benefit from being folded rather than hung to avoid distorting the sleeves.

By following these simple but effective care tips, your plus size polo shirts will remain as beautiful and comfortable as the first day.

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