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Discover our collection of pink polo shirts for men, combining casual elegance and a touch of originality. Fall for our fitted cuts, our delicate shades of pink and our careful details, for a look that is both trendy and fresh.

What are the different models of pink polo shirts for men offered?

We offer you a wide range of pink polo shirts for men, available in various shades and cuts to meet all your desires. Discover our different models, which combine the timeless elegance of the polo shirt with the originality of the color pink.

The classic pink polo shirt

The classic pink polo shirt is a must-have in our collection. Sober and versatile, this classic pink polo shirt will go just as well with chinos as with jeans, for a casual and elegant look.

The fuchsia pink polo shirt

For those who want to make a bolder statement about their style, our fuchsia polo shirt is a remarkable choice. This bright, vibrant shade will catch all eyes and brighten your complexion. Made from pique cotton, pair it with white or beige pants for a trendy summer look.

The pink pima cotton polo shirt

The pink stretch pima cotton polo shirt is a remarkable garment that combines the exceptional softness of pima cotton with the flexibility of stretch. This polo shirt, ideal for special events, pairs perfectly with a suit or dress pants.

The exclusive floral printed pink polo shirt

For lovers of original patterns, our exclusive pink floral print polo shirt is a must-have piece. Decorated with a delicate floral print, this polo shirt brings a touch of fantasy and poetry to your wardrobe, and will accompany you in style during your summer getaways.

Whether you prefer the sobriety of a classic pink polo shirt, the brightness of the fuchsia polo shirt, the softness of the stretch pima cotton polo shirt or the originality of the floral print polo shirt, you will find what you are looking for in our collection. All our models are made with the greatest care, paying particular attention to finishes and details. With a pink polo shirt for men, you will assert your personality with elegance and originality.

How to wear a pink polo shirt for men?

The pink polo shirt is a versatile and elegant piece, which can be worn on many occasions. For a successful look, it is important to combine it with the right clothes and accessories, depending on your style and the event. Here are some tips for wearing your pink polo shirt with elegance.

For a casual outfit

For a casual, summery look, pair your pink polo shirt with beige or white chinos. This classic and timeless combination will highlight the freshness of the pink color, while ensuring a casual and elegant style. Opt for canvas shoes or leather loafers to complete this ideal outfit for a sunny weekend or an outing with friends.

For a chic outfit

If you want to create a more formal outfit, don't hesitate to wear your pink polo shirt under a suit jacket. Choose a jacket in a neutral shade, like navy or gray, to let the polo add a pop of color to your look. This bold and modern combination will be perfect for a semi-formal event, such as a wedding or a cocktail party.

For a trendy outfit

For a more urban and trendy style, combine your pink polo shirt with raw or faded jeans. This casual and cool jumpsuit will be perfect for a day at work or a night out on the town. Add a pair of white sneakers or leather sneakers for a look that is both comfortable and stylish.

Don’t hesitate to play with shades of pink to create original and personalized outfits:

By combining different intensities of pink, you will create unique and remarkable looks.

Remember that the key to a successful look lies in self-confidence and comfort. Choose a pink polo shirt in a cut that makes you feel comfortable, and wear it with confidence. By following these tips and giving free rein to your creativity, you will wear your pink polo shirt with style and elegance, for any occasion.

How to maintain your pink polo shirt to keep its vibrant color?

A pink Eden Park polo shirt is a fashion investment that deserves careful maintenance, to preserve its bright color and quality over time. Follow our tips to keep your pink polo shirt looking like new, wash after wash.


Above all, it is essential to always refer to the care instructions mentioned on the label of your polo shirt. At Eden Park, we provide you with precise instructions to take care of it optimally.

We recommend that you always wash your pink polo shirt with clothes of similar colors, to avoid any risk of fading. Use a delicate program at low temperature (30°C maximum), which will preserve the fibers and color of your polo shirt. Opt for a gentle detergent, without bleaching agents, specially designed for bright colors. Avoid fabric softener, which can alter the texture of the cotton and dull the vibrant pink.


The dryer should absolutely be avoided for your pink polo shirt, as the heat and friction could damage the fibers and cause the color to fade. Prefer to dry in the open air, avoiding direct exposure to the sun, which could also discolor the garment. Hang your polo shirt on a hanger, taking care to shape it well to avoid creases.


Always iron your pink polo shirt inside out, to avoid unsightly shine on the fabric. Steam ironing is ideal for gently removing stubborn creases.


When you are not wearing your pink polo shirt, be sure to store it in a dry, ventilated place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid compressing it in a drawer or piling it up with other clothes, which could cause it to wrinkle and alter its color.

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